serie 'Limp wrist'
Series 'Indeterminate'
It turned out it wasn't a person, but a situation
Installation view of diorama 'Window'
series '...and suddenly, all is revealed'
Installation view '...and suddenly, all is revealed'
'Haphazard monsters', installation view at galerie dudokdegroot, Amsterdam
Samples of disagreement
Installation view
I'm a myth III
'Algorithm corrupted (though sheer comedy, of course)', installation view
Installation view 'Algorithm corrupted (though sheer comedy, of course)'
Da-ta, da-ta
untitled (crouching figure)
Cover girl
Group show Loods 6
three bearded baby's
The foundling
Three figures in an artificial surrounding
White sheet
Mirror no. 2
untitled (figure seen from below)
untitled (figure seen from below)
'The future is old', installation view
You may grow up to be a fish
Straight story
The middle place
Roberte wants to be kidnapped
Th future is old
The fraud
'How does your garden grow?', installation view
Nurse with cup of hot choco
A company of three
Doctor putting on gloves
untitled (tree)
untitled 5, from the series The teddy-bear conventions
Boy and militaryman

Drawing People is a thoughtful and beautifully illustrated survey of the most compelling and inventing drawings of the human form being produced today. (...)

Chapters on Body, Self, Personal Lives, Social Reality and Fictions include short introductions outlining each theme, followed by commentaries on individual artists exploring their style, ideas and technique, accompanied by finely reproduced images of their recent work.

Drawing People by Roger Malbert (Thames & Hudson, London)